Hello Collector,

I’m Ellie and I just love miniatures. I have my own 14 room dollshouse which will always be a work-in-progress; so I understand what it is to be a collector of all things in this tiny world.

I started painting miniatures in 2002 when I wanted some pictures to put in my own dollshouse. A friend, who owned a dollshouse shop, asked if she could sell my paintings in her shop, and that’s how I began making miniatures to sell to other collectors. Starting small we attended local dollshouse fairs, gradually expanding to do fairs like Miniatura and the Kensington Dollshouse Festival. We now sell across the world through our main website Ellie de Lacy Miniatures.

All of the images on this Paintings website have either been painted by myself or created on my iPad.

I hope you enjoy them and if you would like to purchase any in miniature (1/12th scale) you can do so on Ellie de Lacy Miniatures.